Custom Foam & Cushion is a family owned-operated upholstery shop that specializes in the design and manufacturing of commercial and Custom Cushions and other upholstery items and accessories. We are one of the most advanced and state-of-the-art custom upholstery and accessories maker serving customers living in Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, and Canoga Park. Our mission is to provide high-quality, comfortable, durable, and environmentally-friendly custom upholstery and accessories including Custom Cushions at affordable prices. Our customized cushions are made of highest-quality materials and durable than cushions offered by our competitors.

For the best Custom Cushions in Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, and Canoga Park, choose Custom Foam & Cushion for all your custom cushion needs.


Custom Foam & Cushion develops and still manufactures the world’s only natural memory foam cushions, pillows, and mattresses. We make cushions for both residential and commercial clients. Whether you want designer or Custom Cushions for your home or office, or looking for a reliable upholsterer for replacing or re-stuffing the foam or your existing cushions or furniture, we have you covered. Our team of highly skilled and professional upholsterers and designers will provide the Custom Cushions that meets your requirements. We provide a range of foams such as memory foam, natural foam, patio cushions, bench cushions, boat cushions, restaurant cushions, hotels cushions, car cushions, custom patio cushions, commercial patio cushions, cushion fabrics, outdoor bench and patio cushions, sofa cushions, and everything in between. We also make Custom Cushions for yachts, boats, cars, motorhomes RVs, etc.


Custom Foam & Cushion was born is to solve a void in the market by producing and supplying the best and most comfortable Custom Cushions. Since our establishment almost 20 years ago, we have been making the most comfortable, durable, and the world’s healthiest Custom Cushions at reasonable prices. We have one of the most sophisticated research and development facilities than anyone else in Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, and Canoga Park to make the most innovative, durable, and comfortable cushions.

Our Custom Cushions are different than what our competitors are currently offering. Our commercial and Custom Cushions are made from the best natural foam that are natural, organic, and made of toxin-free, environmentally-friendly materials. We can ensure that all of the Custom Cushions are of unparalleled quality without compromise. Unlike our competitors, all of our cushions and upholstery are proudly made in the USA at our own advanced production facilities.

We are the only leading Custom Cushions maker in Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, and Canoga Park that provide the best value at the lowest prices. We are not ashamed to tell we make the best Custom Cushions in Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, and Canoga Park. Our hundreds of loyal customers in Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, and Canoga Park have realized the quality and benefit of our Custom Cushions and for the last two decades, we have been providing them with the best Custom Cushions than anybody else.

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