Natural Foam

Natural Foam

Foam may be found in your private home’s mattresses, fixtures cushions, pillows, carpet pad, and apparel. Current studies observed that the flame retardant additives in conventional polyurethane foam are connected to most cancers. If you ever tour a regular polyurethane foam manufacturing unit, there are large signs at the entrance that warn “there are chemical compounds used in this facility known to the nation of California to reason most cancers.” the foam in your property is a essential element to address in creating a wholesome domestic. You may update many of those items with a natural foam: latex.

Latex foam is certified all herbal foam rubber that is synthetic the usage of sap from the rubber tree. The tree is tapped and the milk from the tree is amassed in a bucket just like the manner maple syrup is accrued from Maple trees. Natural latex foam has inherent dynamic contouring residences make it ideal for sporting events, cushions, pillows, and much extra. It is evidently resistant to bacteria, mold, and mold. This excessive-density herbal foam rubber—almost 6 lb/ft3—will last up to 30 years whilst well encased. It’s going to biodegrade in some years when uncovered to the elements, completely turning to dirt. Our latex foam is licensed 100% herbal foam. It incorporates ninety seven–99% herbal tree sap and the the rest is composed of herbal soaps and residuals from the manufacturing process. Natural foam has evidently taking place flaws that encompass small air pockets, discoloration, small tears, choppy floor textures, and holes that do not move all the way through.

Our natural foam product line includes:

custom cuts and sewn covers the use of herbal fabric, down and feather casings
natural Mattresses
organic green (bean) bags
herbal latex bed pillows
Seagrass fixtures


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