Memory Foam Pad - Custom Foam and Cushion
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Memory Foam Pad

Memory Foam Pad

Memory foam pad material became originally created for NASA to help lessen the force of gravity throughout takeoff.

We always advocate our PostureSense 5.3-lb memory foam pad. We’ve got been promoting reminiscence foam pad material in exclusive densities on the grounds that 1996. Our experience has shown that the 3-lb and four-lb memory foam pad cloth, even as feeling comfy, tends to lose its support and resistance through the years. The PostureSense 5.3-lb reminiscence foam pad cloth has verified to keep its consolation, assist, and resistance through the years. This is why it’s miles warranted for 15 years now not to lose its resistance or shape a melancholy. The decrease density reminiscence foam pad will regularly lose its resistance. We’ve tried many factories and found this to be the case inspite of specific providers.

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