Down Cushions

Down Cushions

Sit on cloud nine.

Down cushion products will cradle you in a cloud of consolation. Wrap a down envelope round a top class piece of froth to turn it into an opulent self-fluffing cushion. Or, create a custom designed solid down cushion—your very very own “cloud for your couch.” Our down cushions and envelopes are included with one hundred% cotton, 2 hundred+ thread remember, down-proof ticking. Or, you can improve to our organic cotton ticking.
The posh of a down cushion—with polyester.

We additionally offer a top class polyester cluster fiber filling, ideal for humans allergic to down products. It’s far a premium way to make a down-like cushion, and is superior to a polyester batting wrap.
Construct from the fundamentals.

Ultimately, for the craft-minded and fee-slicing crowd, we offer all the raw substances to build your very own down cushions.
Our tips:

Order both the 25/75 or 50/50 grade or higher. This ratio displays down/feather content material. The higher down content the less feather leakage will arise. The white goose is extra resilient and self-fluffing because it has a larger feather than duck down. This large feather must be balanced with the aid of more down content and consequently is an awful lot more high priced. The much less luxurious grades like 10/90 will leak extra feathers and this isn’t some thing we warrant. Down is a small sphere-formed feather from the underbelly of the birds. There are a ways greater feathers on birds than down. Therefore, the higher the down content, the greater the cost.

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